Dundridge Underwriting Services, LLC

Nationwide in Expertise...Global in Scope.

Dundridge Underwriting Brokerage Services (DUN) and customer service administration facilities are located in Washington, DC and Macon, GA.

As the founding member of The Greenwich Group, one of the very first agency clusters in the nation to leverage the volume and expertise of multiple agencies into a signal organization, Dundridge has always been an insurance industry innovator. Today Dundridge Underwriting Services remains part of The Greenwich Group whose offices generate over one billion in annualized premium, while at the same time DUS has shifted it's focus to the insurance and risk management needs of Affordable Housing providers.

The DUS team also brings a creative approach to the property and casualty market place and enables large, single corporate organizations and trade associations to develop their own client-driven and alternative risks coverage insurance plans. Additionally, the team can facilitate insurance plans for clients through member agencies of the Greenwich Group of America where member principals have maintained close professional and personal relationships with one another for many years.

Entrepreneurial skill balanced by market strength has propelled DUS into one of the most professionally respected independent commercial insurance networks. DUS with its wealth of collective resources, is ideally situated to better service your insurance needs. DUS has assembled ten of the top markets whose primary focus is on affordable housing, and its agents and brokers.

We encourage your firm to contact it's broker or agent to contact us for a competitive and comprehensive program.