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H. Scott Kahle, Jr. 


H. Scott Kahle, Jr., is a former Virginia native and Virginia Tech University alumnus with over thirty  years in the property and casualty business.

Mr. Kahle's creative approach to the property and casualty marketplace enables him to assist large single corporate organizations and trade associations to develop their own client driven and alternative risks coverage  insurance plans.  Additionally, he facilitates insurance plans for clients through member agencies of The Greenwich Group of America. 

He began his own commercial insurance agency, The Greenwich Group Mid-Atlantic in 1978 and operated the firm on a regional basis providing competitive insurance programs for income producing property owners and managers.  In 1979, Mr. Kahle designed one of the largest Wrap Up insurance programs in the country that year covering Miami Center, a project comprised of two thirty six story  class A buildings situated on a retail podium. His coverage innovation circumvented the Navigation Servitude Act, and enabled his developer to secure construction financing and build the Miami Center project on artificial landfill.  In 1987, Mr. Kahle co-founded a firm in Florida that provided real estate errors and omissions coverage nationally.  A  nationally licensed personal lines agency,  was formed in 1988, which obtained contracts with a half dozen large national insurance companies and financial institutions to administer or "roll over" large books of homeowners business to new insurers.  Mr. Kahle merged or sold his interests in these firms by 1995 in order to start his consulting/large account development practice.  More recently, he has contributed to the formation of both national mono line property and liability programs.

As one of the founding members of The Greenwich Group (of America) in 1980 and its first chairman, Mr. Kahle contributed to its countrywide sphere of marketing support for nineteen member agencies with aggregate annual premium volume of over $1 billion.