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Terry Hendrickson


Brief Career Details: 

  • Eight years corporate experience - marketing, administrative finance, following college (Marketing/Psychology) and military obligation.

  • Joined large, national agency in sales and product development now known as Acordia 

  • Started Hendrickson/Greenwich Agency 1973

  • Chairman of Greenwich Group 1990 - national agency and brokerage firm with 28 offices in U.S.

  • Currently owns four corporations involved in various stages of insurance brokering, product development, and agency service.


  • Developed unique property insurance programs for owners and developers in the multi-family rental housing.

  • Developed loss portfolio transfer from insurance company prior to its sale, substantially increasing price.

  • Worked with American Bankers Insurance Co. in the development and marketing nationally of a mass marketed product for residents of multi-family units.

  • Consulted with major corporations in MN, WI, IL on off-shore feasibility for their firms.

  • Currently working on developing a professional liability product with AIG, combining some products they currently have, and creating some that are needed by our clients in the professional property management industry. They have already agreed to exclusivity on the product based on our commitment to market nationally. Fronting options remain available, but we are not committed should more favorable terms arise.

  •  Founding member of president of Dundridge Insurance Company, Bermuda company, currently inactive.

  •  Founder and principal on DRM, an insurance brokerage firm currently in application stages with Bermuda Registrar’s Office.