Dundridge Underwriting Services, LLC

Nationwide in Expertise...Global in Scope.

Our Experience is Nationwide

While Dundridge Underwriting Services remains part of The Greenwich Group whose offices generate over one billion in annualized premium, Dundridge Underwriting Services ( DUS) over the last
fifteen years has shifted it's underwriting expertise to Affordable Housing. DUS has assembled ten of the top markets whose primary focus is on affordable housing, and its agents and brokers.

Identifying Your Risks

Our expertise is the ability to clearly identify the type and degree of coverage that you need to safely compete in today's business environment. We accomplish this by:

  • Performing on-site surveys

  • Analyzing previous loss control records

  • Evaluating risk factors that could have potential impact on your operation.

Our client oriented approach delivers commercial insurance programs that are thoroughly customized, at the greatest cost efficiency. Once you become a client of Dundridge Underwriting Services, your representative will continue to counsel you on changes in the insurance marketplace and its potential impact on your business. We apply the same dedicated approach to the securing and servicing of your standard insurance needs.